Under 1 Act as Roofing Consultant on Lewis’s Re-Development Scheme



One of Under 1′s key services is our unique non-destructive testing, employed on the Lewis’s scheme. Under 1 were asked by Aedas Architects to carry out a visual and non-destructive testing survey to the various roof areas. Our Nuclear Moisture Gauge was used to determine any areas where water had penetrated through the existing waterproofing covering and caused saturation to the insulation. This allowed Aedas, with guidance from Under 1, to determine which areas should be stripped and replaced and which areas could be retained and over-roofed. This was a significant cost, time and waste-saving exercise, whilst ensuring that all entrapped moisture was removed from the system.

Once the works were decided, Under 1 used their industry weight to gain significant material savings whilst ensuring the correct system for this particularly scheme was chosen. Under 1 then assisted with the writing of the Specification and the Tender Analysis. Once the re-waterproofing works became live, Under 1 attended pre-start meetings and carried out weekly progress inspections. This ensured that the correct works were being carried out to ensure high standard of works.

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