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Moisture Gauge Survey

Under 1 Roofing Consultants use a nuclear moisture gauge to map moisture concentrations within a roof structure, permitting the repair or replacement of only the wet or saturated areas.

The nuclear detection method is extremely accurate. A nuclear moisture gauge can detect the presence of moisture in roofs with multi- layered insulation and can read as deep as 250-300mm circumference of where the test is taken. Compared to other moisture detection methods, atmospheric and site conditions have the least effect on the accuracy of the survey. By taking readings at predetermined grid locations and recording them on a roof plan, an accurate moisture contour map can be established for the roof.

The device allows Under 1 to save the client unnecessary expense by identifying affected areas, which would not otherwise be apparent. The data from the Moisture Gauge combined with our visual inspection will help us make an informed diagnosis of the roofs, allowing us to make appropriate recommendations.

Under 1 have all relevant Environmental Permits, Insurances and appoint an external Radiation Protection Advisory (RPS) Consultant required for this type of specialist equipment. Method Statements, Risk Assessments and Local Rules govern procedures to be followed when carrying out surveys. Our in-house Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) supported by our RPA Consultants, keep us up-to-date with all the necessary procedures and regulations.