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Thermographic Survey

Our thermographic surveys are carried out by our inhouse equipment and by our Certified Thermographers.

Infrared thermography is often used to identify moisture in roof coverings by measuring temperature differentials across the roof surface.

A special camera detects infrared radiation as heat is emitted from the roof surface and displays it as a coloured image or thermogram. As the roof is warmed by solar radiation and heat loss from the interior, the wet areas absorb more heat and hold it longer than the dry areas, resulting in the temperature differences.

The infrared camera can image the entire roof surface so that even very small wet areas can be located. Infrared surveys generally need to be conducted at night when the roof surface has cooled sufficiently so that only wet areas are emitting heat.

In addition to locating areas of dampness, thermographic surveys can be used for detecting defects in the insulation, identifying air leakage and measuring heat loss through openings.