Thermographic investment gives Under1 20-20 vision

At Under1, we’re always on the hunt for technology that will give us greater insight into the needs of any project.

That’s why we’ve invested in a thermographic camera that will detect invisible flaws in the majority of roofs, and foresee costly future issues that could arise due to weathering over time, or inadequate past workmanship.
Michael Sharples, our managing director, said: “Results from our non-destructive surveys are now incredibly exhaustive, detailing any minor or potential problems, and can also be completed much faster. It is a mind-blowing piece of kit.
“Not only is the technology impressive, but the impact on customers will be extensive. Ultimately, a thermographic survey is a cost-cutting exercise for any business. Identifying problems that were previously invisible, as well as those which will only become costly in the future, allows our customers to act now to secure their property and prevent expensive repairs.”
Within the investment, two of Under1′s team of consultants, Robert Simpson and Ben Wearden, have become fully certified thermographers. The camera they use, which is a building specific model offers high resolution infrared images, high sensitivity and impressively accurate readings.
This, accompanied with our Nuclear Moisture Gauge and Electronic Leak Detection equipment, means that we can survey all roof types. “We wanted to be free of product-ties, offering truly independent advice, and keeping all options open for the customer. We have been able to uphold these principles, and as a result of this investment, we are hoping to expand the business and offer the service to a growing customer base,” said Michael. “Once the customer has decided the route they wish to take following our expert advice, we can manage the project from design to installation, and continue on with regular maintenance to minimise future risk of damage.”
Under1 have completed projects, with the help of a roster of highly-experienced contractors, for key players in a variety of industries. Recent customers include Lancashire County Council, British Energy, United Biscuits and the University of Leeds. Under1 Roofing Consultants provide expertise in all aspects of non destructive testing contemporary roofing design, specifying and tendering, manufacture, installation, refurbishment and maintenance.
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