Under 1 Roofing Consultants are experts in undertaking independent Roof Condition Surveys for all types of roofs. This includes Flat (Asphalt, Felt, Single-Ply, Coating), Pitched (Slate, Cladding, Asbestos) Garden and Car Park Roofs, with our nationwide coverage operating across a wide diversity of clients and commercial properties. Our clients include commercial surveying practices, architects, public sector and working directly for large commercial businesses.

A key service is our unique Non-Destructive Testing Surveys. These surveys range from small nuisance leak detection, to full condition surveys. On larger schemes, the testing provides a scientific means of accurately determining the level of entrapped moisture within a new or existing waterproofing system. This allows Under 1 to put forward informed, accurate Recommendations and associated Budget Costs. Although Under 1 do not carry out the works, the findings from our reports provide an invaluable document for our clients on how best to take forward a waterproofing problem, no matter how small or large. Our main devices are our Nuclear Moisture Gauge, Thermographic Camera, Pneumatic Fixing Tester and Electronic Leak Detector.

Following these fully impartial surveys, Under 1 offer services for Bespoke Specifications,Materials Procurement and acting as Clerk of Works/Project Management.

We are involved in commercial projects from small repairs to large refurbishment projects on such buildings as Warehouses, Factories, Shopping Centres, Car Parks, Industrial Power Stations, Schools, Universities, Manufacturing Sites, Food Industries and Castles for any type of roofing problems.

Completely impartial. Highly effective and informed. All Under 1 roof.

Impartial professional advice delivers significant cost-savings

Total independence enables Under 1 to offer impartial advice and provide cost-effective, tailored solutions, selecting suitable products, systems and guarantees from across the market.